31. March 2022

Future Skills for SME

Qualifications for a successful future – how to get an overview of your industry & company without investing a lot of effort and money.

It is currently not easy to recruit skilled workers and it will certainly not get any easier in the future.

Two challenging effects lead to this:

A large number of skilled workers who were born before the so-called pill break, i.e. before 1965, will retire by 2030. According to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, that is several hundred thousand per year

Qualifications that count in the future are different from those that exist now.

The need for people with technological skills is increasing: According to the non-profit German organization “Stifterverband”, more than 780,000 people with expertise in the areas of data analytics and AI through to hardware/robotics development will be needed by 2026. 

Universities in Germany have already reacted and significantly expanded the number of technology-related courses over the past three years. The number of specialized tech courses, for example, has almost tripled from 111 to 311 since 2018.

How about your company? Do you have a clear picture of the skills you will need in five years to survive in the market? How does the qualification of your current employees fit in with this?

Example (source: eightfold.ai 2022):

Share of der FunktionBankFintechDelta
Front-Office45%20%-25 %points
Middle/Back-Office30%15%-15 %points
Business-Support10%10%+/- 0
IT-Operations15%55%+40 %points

For banks, the entire business model will change dramatically and so-called “fintech” companies are already pointing in which direction. The traditional banks are facing dramatic changes.

There are other shifts for other sectors, but they are usually dramatic, e.g. in logistics or healthcare.

According to a study by the World Economic Forum from 2020, more than 50% of jobs in Germany will be eliminated or look completely different by 2025.

Doing nothing is not an alternative, because then others will take over your business and good employees with potential for development.

I would like to show you where you stand for your industry and your company and what the main challenges in qualification are for the future.

You can claim at least 50% funding from the federal government for my advice, so that your own effort for this inventory is a maximum of 1,500 euros after deduction of the funded amount.

I will hold talks with your managers and, as far as possible, compare the status of your qualifications and existing training with specific key figures from public sources, e.g. the EU, so that you have an initial overview of your status and possible courses of action to become fit for the future .

I am listed with the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) for a funded consultation on this topic under the BAFA-ID-171126 ( HR Business Transparency) as a consultant and would be happy to inform you about the formalities to receive this funding.

Detailed funding information (in German).

Of course, as an SME you can also take advantage of this consulting package without funding in a first step for 3,000 euros.

I look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and providing you with more specific information



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